A Leading Force...   We at K & J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc.  understand how much valuable time and money goes into training a transit professional and insuring a safe and secure operation for your employees and  passengers.  Our expert team of transit professionals can provide you the expertise needed to insure a safe, secure and effective operation.  We provide customized services based on the specific needs of your organization.



                    Some of our services include:


Industrial Safety
Bus / Rail Hijacking
System Safety
System Security
Managing Emergencies
WMD Awareness
TVA Process
Terrorism Threats


Audits / Other

Security Audits
Safety Audits
Internal Audits
TVA Assessments
OSHA Compliance
Value Engineering Reviews
Project Plan Development

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Current K&J News


K & J was awarded a contract from Veolia Transportation to develop Operating and Support Hazard Analysis (O&SHA) and conduct a security and emergency management preparedness capability assessment for three light rail corridors currently under construction in Houston Texas.


K & J was awarded a task order to update several classes for the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA), Transportation Safety institute (TSI) including Transit System Security (TSS), Rail Incident Investigation (RII) and several others.


K & J was awarded two contracts to develop, present and evaluate regional emergency management exercises in support of the Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, NC and the Republican National Convention held in Tampa, FL.

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